Ski First Tracks ski pass prices 2022/23.

Carole at S3V has been very helpful in ironing out my confusion over a few idiosyncrasies, peculiarities and just-lost-in-translationisms concerning ski pass prices and discounts (for example, is a 13-year-old an adulte or an enfant? This is a question that has caused uncertainty for a long time. For those of you with children around that age, they’re an adult in the eyes of S3V). As a result, I am very pleased to say that we can now let you know what we can offer you in the way of discounted prices next season. We have added a fetching (although very basic!) tool to our website which will enable you to calculate your ski pass price.

As I said, the tool is very basic; it will only calculate the Ski First Tracks price if you want a 6- or 7-day pass starting on the day you arrive (usually Sunday) or the following day. Also, it may not work on your phone or tablet but will work on a laptop or desk top computer. If you have a ‘non-standard’ requirement, or the calculator doesn’t work for you, please don’t hesitate to contact me (details on the website)

We pass on nearly all the discount that S3V give us, retaining a (very) small amount to cover the cost of processing your order.

Sadly, the doesn’t mean you will get a discount for every week of the season. S3V give us a generous discount for low season weeks, decreasing in generosity until peak weeks when they give us no discount to pass on. The cheapest ski pass is for the week commencing the 7th January. Our price for that week is 272.25€. This compares to 350€ through S3V. However, our price for peak weeks (24th December to 6th January and 4th February to 10th March) is the same as the public rate, although we can still arrange passes for you and have them ready for you when you arrive. If you are in a group of three or more, or are a family of two adults and 2 to 7 children, you can benefit from ‘Tribu’ and ‘Famille’ discounts through S3V during the peak weeks.

It’s also worth noting that S3V only discount the adult rate, not the child or senior rates. If you are a senior (65 – 75), or have a child between 5 and 12 in your party, it may well be cheaper to buy the pass directly through S3V

To make your life a bit easier, we have put the S3V public prices on our website, so that you can compare their price with the price returned by our calculator.

I don’t know the Carré Neige insurance price yet, but it’s usually around 3€ a day, which is extremely good value. I will publish a short blog post once I have more details.

I realise it’s a bit complicated, so if it’s all a bit too much after a hard day’s work and you just want to enjoy your evening without ploughing through ski pass prices, contact us and we’ll give you some comparative prices.

One final word: it’s not unknown for S3V to alter the prices slightly before the season, so they are possibly subject to change!

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