Moira Lacey

Hello there, my name is Moira and I will be hosting Chalet Amber along with Cheryl (Chez) this season.

I think it is fair to say that I discovered skiing later in life, but have a real love of the mountains, the winter sunshine and snow (who doesn’t?)  As a family we thoroughly enjoyed the chalet ski holiday experience.

Now with a couple of ski seasons as a chalet host under my belt I embrace the whole experience. It allows me to indulge in my passion for cooking, providing tasty wholesome meals to satisfy my hungry guests, meet new people and provide a warm welcoming chalet, first class hospitality, delicious food and a real home from home experience.

I love to share meals, drink wine (copious amounts sometimes lol), I am up for a spot of karaoke, band nights, dancing and fireworks.

La Tania is a beautiful place with fantastic skiing for all levels, friendly locals, lots of walking trails and some lovely bars and mountain restaurants.

So do come and join us and have fun this winter, Chez and I look forward to welcoming you to our Chalet.

Cheryl Evans (Chez)

Hi I’m Cheryl but most people know me as Chez. I will be looking after you in Chalet Amber with my co-host Moira.

I was lucky enough to start skiing when I was 10 years old and have loved it ever since. I’m also a big fan of La Tania. It’s small enough to have a great community feel, especially when it’s full of skiers having fun, but just large enough to have plenty going on. It’s also so easy to access the rest of the Three Valleys! I have worked for two seasons in La Tania as a chalet host, I can’t wait to return to the mountains!

I’m very excited with our new venture, Ski First Tracks. Our aim is to provide our guests with a relaxing, friendly, home-from-home atmosphere, with enough good quality home-cooked tasty food to keep any hungry skier going on the piste. Moira and I make a good team, so you can be sure of plenty of great hospitality, fun and humour (although we’re quite capable of blending into the background if required!).

When I’m not in La Tania, I live on the outskirts of London in Loughton, Essex with my daughter Alisha and I love to travel. I’m lucky enough to have travelled quite widely and have visited some amazing places.

After such a long break, Moira and I are really looking forward to welcoming you back to La Tania and to Chalet Amber, and doing everything we can to make sure you have a wonderfully relaxed and stress-free ski holiday.

Melinda Sharp

Hello to you all, my name is Melinda, sometimes referred to as MG (Mountain Goat) by my fellow chalet hosts, as I am very fond of walking in the mountains.  Jonty (Mr MG) and I will be your hosts in Chalet Jacqueline.

I have to admit to being a reluctant skier.  Jonty introduced skiing to the family when our two boys were young and that sealed our holiday choice for ever!  So naturally, when the opportunity to become chalet hosts presented itself Jonty pulled out all the stops (and charm) to persuade me it was the right thing for us….. and it was, is, we love it.  Mainly because we have met so many lovely people who share our love of the mountains, the friendly, family atmosphere of the chalet and good quality home cooked food.

Among other things, I enjoy cooking, especially the cakes which I take very seriously, always sampling a slice (for quality control purposes of course!), knitting, I usually have something on the needles, good company, and good wine.  I’ve also been known to ski a little too, but mainly Moira (my newly found, and much cherished ski buddy) and I like to deck-chair ski.

There’s something a little magical about La Tania and both Jonty and I look forward to welcoming you to share it with us.

Jonathan Sharp (Jonty)


I’m Jonathan, usually known as Jonty (or occasionally Monty as I’m prone to impersonating the General when I’ve had a beer or two)

MG and I are looking forward to welcoming you to Chalet Jacqueline and La Tania.

We absolutely love everything about chalet hosting (except, perhaps, cleaning the bathrooms) and providing a welcoming, home-from-home chalet holiday for our guests. We get to meet loads of like-minded people, many of whom have become our friends and who we look forward to seeing each season.

I wouldn’t be a chalet host if I didn’t enjoy cooking and, of course, I love it! MG and I are a pretty good team in the kitchen and take a lot of pleasure in providing tasty home-cooked meals to refuel you after a strenuous day on the slopes.

I love being in the mountains and am a reasonable skier, although not as good as I think I am. However, my snowboarding is so bad that my children refuse to be seen with me, or at the very least I have to cover my face so that I am unrecognisable.

If you fancy a bit of a party, I might be persuaded (a glass of wine should do it 😊 ) to get the decks out.

If you haven’t been to La Tania, it’s a friendly little place nestling in the woods and it really is the best-kept secret in the Three Valleys. The perfect place for a chalet holiday!

Looking forward to seeing you!