A picture of a single pair of skis

The best of all worlds....

There’s nothing unusual about heading off for a skiing holiday by yourself – we’ve all done it. Sometimes it’s because you haven’t been able to persuade anybody to go with you, or maybe because you want the freedom of skiing wherever the fancy takes you.

Then again, you don’t want to be on your own for the whole of your holiday, so a chalet holiday gives you the prospect of a great evening with welcoming hosts and your fellow guests.

The problem is, most chalet rooms are twins, which means there is nearly always a supplement. Ours is 50%, which is lower than most, but which even so significantly increases the cost of your holiday.

Our solution is to give you the opportunity to share a room.

How does it work?

Please fill in this form and we’ll include your details on our single skiers database. We’ll add your first name, date of birth, sex and the week (or weeks) you want to come skiing to the list below, which everybody will be able to see. If anybody else wants to come in the same week, then (with your agreement) we’ll put you in touch with each other so you can decide whether you would like to share a room for your week’s holiday.