2022/23: Panic? What panic

Last season – 2021/2022 – was a game of two halves. Well, three halves, really. A bit like one of those black runs where you start off thinking – for perhaps 30 seconds – what a great skier you are, then realise why it’s a black and finally, with jelly legs and ashen face, arrive at the bottom relieved and a little surprised that you’re still in one piece. Unless you’re helicoptered off, it doesn’t matter how bad it was at the time, back in the chalet you mastered it with effortless mogul-bouncing and graceful carves. Next morning the fear and anguish are forgotten and there you are again…

And so to 2022/2023. What fear and anguish? Last season was a breeze and no sir, that wasn’t panic you saw. Not at all. That was just concentrating on executing a carefully prepared back-up plan. It’s next morning and, refreshed, we’re back out there again at the top of a black a little more challenging than yesterdays “black-that-should-really-be-a-red”.

For next season we have introduced two more chalets to our little fleet, chalet Ava and chalet Isla.

If I’m honest, it was never part of the plan to take on more chalets so quickly, but two factors made us rethink.

One was the number of people we had to disappoint as Amber and Jacqueline were full (and that was just those we knew about) and the other was that (rather obviously) there are only a limited number of chalets in La Tania and most of those are already taken.

Ava sleeps 11 and Isla sleeps 10 and you can meet them on our website. Although entirely separate with their own living and dining areas, they are part of the same building – La Clarière. This means that they are ideal if you are planning a large group of up to 21. The really good news is that they are in a tight little group with our existing chalets, Amber and Jacqueline, which means they are only two or three minutes’ walk from the piste.

Like last season, we won’t be giving discounts at all next season, as we feel discounting is unfair to guests who have paid the advertised price, but we will be offering goodies every now and again that everyone can benefit from. For example, if you book and pay for your holiday in Ava or Isla in May, you will pay last year’s (Amber and Jacqueline) price.

Last season was a breeze and, despite what you may have heard, we mastered it with graceful curves and only a minor tumble. We can’t wait to see you in La Tania next season – just think; with any luck you won’t have to spend Friday night trying to fill in the impossible Passenger Locator Form (it did give us a laugh, though)



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