We have filled all our vacancies for the 2023/24 season, but if you would like to register your interest for 2024/25 please get in touch

We’re open for applications for Chalet Hosts and Chalet Host Couples for next season, 2023/24. We will begin processing applications that we receive very soon.

Want to work a ski season? Here's what it's like...

Ski First Tracks is a relatively new, family run, business and we’re growing quite fast, Two years in and we have four chalets in La Tania. We know what it’s like to host a chalet – Melinda and Jonty, who run the business with sons Ollie and Ted, have worked in La Tania as hosts for five years and still run Chalet Jacqueline! 

We know a thing or two about making sure our guests have an absolutely fantastic holiday in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and that our hosts have a great winter working a ski season in La Tania – part of the huge Three Valleys ski area.

Our chalet hosts are the most important factor in making sure our guests want to return to us, and we make sure they are well rewarded for their efforts. We pride ourselves on fostering a supportive atmosphere for our hosts, offering hands on assistance and guidance where it’s needed.


Retired? Gap year? Sabbatical? Career break?

No matter what stage of life you’re at or what your background is, we would love to hear from couples or individuals who have what it takes to be Chalet Hosts.


A summary of the role of Chalet Host.

Our guests are all passionate about the mountains and their week with us is very precious. Your role is simply to make sure they make the most of their week with us and have a fantastic time – we want them to come back!

Our hosts are responsible for creating a relaxed and friendly ambience, providing plenty of tasty, well-presented food, a spotlessly clean chalet that is warm, comfortable and homely, and a wealth of knowledge about La Tania and the Three Valleys.

You can find a full job description here.

The sort of people we're looking for

Working as a chalet host, especially in the Three Valleys, is an amazing and unique experience. It’s one of those jobs that many people would love to have, like working on a yacht in the Med, or an African safari guide! For some it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but for others it becomes a very fulfilling career. Whatever the future holds for you, we can tell you that spending a season as a chalet host is an experience that you will never forget. You will play harder than you have ever played, with friends you will have for life. The memories will never leave you.

But let’s give that glowing description a bit of context!

It’s very (very) hard work!

Yes, you will have plenty of time to spend on the mountain, but you will need to remember that you are here to make sure your guests have a fabulous time with you in your chalet and your first priority is to make sure their well-earned holiday is as perfect as you can possibly get it. They will be relying on you, as will we.

Sometimes. it’s hard to remember that you are not on holiday, but whichever way you look at it, you are here to work and we will expect you to always put your work commitments before mountain time. Don’t worry, though, you’ll get enough time on the mountain that, even if you have never put on skis or a snowboard before, next time you go on holiday with your friends and family from home they will be extremely jealous of your skiing or snowboarding skills!

Having said that, we are an easy-going bunch and definitely won’t be micromanaging you (although we will give you plenty of support). We’ll train you in everything you need to know, including our expectations of you, but we take the view that the people who work with us are responsible enough to get on with the job without anybody breathing down their necks!

You’ll develop skills and learn new stuff that will be a real benefit in you future life, wherever that takes you. Oh, and we do offer a very competitive package!

So, if you fancy spending the winter working a ski season in the Alps, have a mature approach gained from work experience, and are genuinely interested in meeting new people – read on. We want to hear from you!

Essential requirements for the Chalet Host role

  • You must have a real love of cooking and creating a wonderful dining experience. The successful completion of a chalet cookery course would be a definite advantage, but what we really need is for you to demonstrate that you have a good knowledge of cooking and are comfortable catering for large groups of people, such as hosting large dinner parties. 
  • Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene for Catering Certificate (or equivalent). 
  • No matter what the task – cooking, housekeeping, admin, interacting with guests – you will need to have pride in a job carried out to the highest standards and with attention to the smallest detail. If you have a ‘that’ll do’ attitude and are happy to cut corners, it’s not a job for you!
  • You will need to be flexible. Although you will look after, and be responsible for, your own chalet, you will be part of a team and so will be asked to help when and where necessary.
  • Excellent organisational skills. Half the battle of being a chalet host is already won if you can plan your time effectively and work efficiently.
  • An interest in people. Interpersonal skills are just as important to us as work experience and catering ability. You will have daily interaction with our guests and play a huge part in making our guests’ holiday a great one. We are looking for hosts with a sociable personality who will genuinely enjoy getting to know new guests every week, and have proven ability to quickly build strong relationships with a variety of different people.
  • A consistently positive outlook. The job at times can be hard and demanding, so the ability to remain enthusiastic and maintain a positive mindset is essential.
  • A good level of physical fitness and stamina. The role involves a lot of time on your feet (working and skiing!)
  • A love of skiing or boarding!

If you think you’ve got what it takes to balance the demands of a busy winter season and ensure that our guests have the holiday of a lifetime, apply now!