Why have you issued this guidance?

We wanted to tell you that we are doing everything possible to make sure your holiday is as safe and secure as it possibly can be.

We have taken the decision that all guests must be fully vaccinated when they come and stay with us. This means that guests must have received their full two doses of the COVID‑19 vaccination plus a booster dose (if eligible) at least 14 days before their holiday departure date.

Will I need to have both doses of the vaccine and a booster dose before I can travel?

All guests should be fully inoculated, which means you must have received both doses and the booster dose (if eligible) and waited for full immunity to take effect. Therefore, we will require all our guests to have received all doses of the vaccine no later than 14 days prior to departure.

What tests do I need before I can travel?

Vaccinated persons aged 12 years or over wishing to travel to France from the UK must present a PCR or antigen negative test result less than 48 hours old before travelling.

How will you check that I have received the vaccine?

By law, we must ask to see proof of your vaccination status when you arrive. Either a printed version or official electronic version (NHS app or TousAntiCovid app) is acceptable. We will also ask to see proof of your negative test.

What if I am exempt from receiving the vaccine?

If you are exempt from receiving the vaccine you will be still be able to come and stay with us by confirming the exemption at the time of booking and again at the time of travel. You will need a negative PCR or antigen test within 24 hours of travel

Will I still be able to travel if I choose not to have the vaccine?

No. In the interests of all our guests, we have made the decision not to allow a guest to come and stay with us if they choose not to receive the vaccine. Some of our guests fall into the at-risk age bracket and our priority is their safety and well-being. Please contact us and we will be able to discuss your options with you and arrange a full refund.

What will happen if a new strain of the virus is found and the vaccine I have had does not protect me from it?

There is no evidence to suggest that the vaccine will be ineffective on new strains. We will, of course, continue to monitor the situation and take government guidance.

Will I also need to have a flu vaccination to travel with you in future?

This is not a requirement for travel, but we recommend that you take all precautions for your health and protection. We encourage you to have a flu vccination if you have not done so already.

Will you have been vaccinated?

Yes. We will all be vaccinated in line with Government’s protocols

What will happen if France goes into lockdown or introduces other Covid related restrictions while we are staying with you?

Naturally, we will all be required to comply with any advice, guidance, procedures or legislation in force during the duration of your stay with us. We will, of course, ensure the safety and well-being of you all and liaise with the appropriate authorities regarding repatriation.

What happens if I test positive for Coronavirus while I’m stying with you?

If you test positive for coronavirus while you are here and you’re fully vaccinated (including a booster, in line with French pass sanitaire requirements) you must self-isolate for 7 days from the day on which you first develop symptoms, or 7 days from the date of the positive test result. Self-isolation can be reduced to 5 days if you take a negative PCR or antigen test (supervised, not self-administered) on day 5 and you have not displayed any symptoms over the previous 48 hours. We will do our best to accommodate you while you isolate, but if this is not possible you will need to arrange an alternative. This will be at your cost, so please make sure you have adequate insurance cover.

Will I need to have a further test before returning home?

This will be determined by the government and whatever protocols are in place at the time of your return. We will, of course, be monitoring this closely and will let you know of updates or changes.