Brexit guidance

Brexit guidance updated 19 February 2021

The UK left the EU on December 31, 2020. As a result of a deal being approved on December 24, 2020, you can be confident that there will be minimum impact on your skiing holiday. We can confirm the following:

  • Flights, ferries and the Eurostar will continue to operate as usual.
  • UK travellers will not need a visa to travel to EU countries.
  • Valid passports can still be used. You need to have six months left on your passport to travel to the EU.
  • Your passport does however need to be valid for the whole duration of your trip.
  • UK registered European Health Insurance Cards will no longer be valid (see below). Please note it is a condition of booking that you have adequate insurance that covers all contingencies (including medical expenses).
  • There will be no additional charges for using your UK registered mobile phone within the EU.

Brexit guidance FAQs

Will I need a visa to travel to EU countries?

You will not need a visa for short trips to the EU. A visa will only be required should you be spending more than 90 days in the EU within a 180-day rolling period.

Will flights still operate?

With a deal now agreed, there will be no changes to the operation of flights between the UK and the EU.

At border control, you may have to show a return or onward ticket, show you have enough money for your stay and use separate lanes from EU, EEA and Swiss citizens when queuing.

Should I check my passport?

Yes. The UK government recommends you ensure that on the date of travel you have at least six clear months left on your passport and your passport is less than 10 years old (even if it has six months or more left). If you need to renew your passport, full details can be found on the GOV.UK website.

Will my European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) be valid?

If you have a currently valid EHIC card this will remain valid until its given expiration date. No new applications will be accepted for the EHIC.

In its place, the UK Government and EU have agreed a deal to ensure that emergency treatment can still be provided on a reciprocal basis and a new Global Health insurance card (GHIC) has been created.

Apply for the GHIC Card here

A GHIC card cannot be considered a substitute for a comprehensive insurance policy.

Will I still be able to use my mobile phone in the EU?

At present, there are no additional charges for using your UK registered mobile phone within the EU.