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A Family Ski Odyssey in La Tania: Where the Piste is Always Greene

Dear readers, grab your thermals and don your quirkiest ski goggles, for I shall regale you with the hilarious escapades of the Wembley (name changed for reasons of confidentiality) family during their winter sojourn to the snowy slopes of La Tania, nestled cosily in the renowned Three Valleys!*


Once upon a frosty morning, the Wembley family decided it was time to venture forth on their yearly ritual of family ski madness. Armed with their well-worn skis, grandma’s gnarly snowboard, and a GPS device that occasionally mistook snowmen for landmarks, the Wembleys set out on their memorable journey to La Tania.


As they approached the resort, the breathtaking beauty of the snow-capped mountains was only surpassed by their excitement to embark on a week of slope-sliding antics. Dad, with his distinctive sideways ski technique, led the pack down the gentle beginner slopes, where he’d proudly demonstrate the “Cabbage Patch” ski move from the ’80s. A true modern-day daredevil, indeed.


Meanwhile, mom gracefully carved her way down the intermediate runs, somehow managing to maintain an air of elegance even during occasional, though inevitable, wipeouts. She would later assert that falling was her way of keeping the snow amused and entertained—much to the amusement of the rest of the family.


The kids, pint-sized pisters in their neon-coloured ski outfits, tackled the nursery slopes with boundless energy and infectious laughter. With more enthusiasm than technique, they would often topple over each other, making snow angels out of one another while yelling, “Look, Mom, we’re a family ski sandwich!” Who could resist such adorable chaos?


No ski holiday is complete without après-ski activities, and the Wembleys were no exception. They gathered in a cozy mountain chalet, where dad’s questionable dance moves entertained the après-ski crowd and swiftly made him the “disco king of the slopes.” As night fell, the family shared heartwarming stories and hot chocolate (with extra marshmallows, of course) while basking in the glow of their adventurous day.


But what’s a family ski holiday without some odd surprises? One morning, grandma went missing, only to be found perched on a snow-covered bench, confidently arguing with a confused squirrel about the best way to execute a “toe-edge turn.” We can safely assume the squirrel was not equipped to provide insightful skiing advice, but it did lend a sympathetic ear.


The highlight of the trip, though, was when the Wembleys accidentally stumbled upon a secret stash of marshmallow-filled, ski-in/ski-out igloos. They couldn’t believe their luck and spent an entire evening indulging in marshmallow-themed activities, including a marshmallow snowball fight and a marshmallow sculpting contest.


As their week in La Tania drew to a close, the Wembley family realized that it wasn’t just the picturesque slopes and breathtaking scenery that made their holiday so magical—it was the laughter, camaraderie, and shared silliness that truly defined their family ski experience.


And so, dear readers, if you find yourself yearning for a family ski holiday filled with laughter, adventure, and an occasional debate with an unsuspecting squirrel, look no further than La Tania and the Three Valleys. You’re guaranteed to create cherished memories that will warm your hearts and tickle your funny bones for years to come.


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