A Dutch lift pass

We’re having a bit of fun in August!

During August, we are going to auction off a full, adult Three Valleys lift pass. However, in the best Ski First Tracks tradition, we’re going to do it a little differently. It won’t be your standard ascending bid auction (apparently known as an ‘English’ auction. I didn’t know that until just now).

No, this will be a Dutch auction. Starting on Monday we will put a lift pass up for auction. The starting price will be the full S3V public price of 350€. On each day following the price will be reduced until somebody shouts “Mine!”.

To add an extra bit of spice, the price won’t be reduced in equal increments. The increments may be bigger as the days go on. Or they may not.

To be eligible, you will need to book your holiday with us August (i.e., book it in August, not holiday in August. There’s not much snow…)

August is not a month that people think much about booking a ski holiday, so this is a transparent and shameless attempt to nudge you to our booking form. If you were planning to book anyway, you might as well do it now and be in with the chance of a cheap (or even free, if you’re brave enough) ski pass!

Full conditions, how to bid and the all-important count-down are on the ‘Offers’ page on our website

I know those of you that have already booked will be saying “Hmm, that’s not fair, I’ve already booked”. In an understandably disgruntled voice, but fear not. We have plenty of similar ideas in the pipeline over the next few months that will include everyone 😊

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